CEC-South is close tomorrow, January 25th due to weather.
5 days ago, Sarah Bose
CEC-South. Today is the beginning of winter break. Student’s return on Tuesday, January 3rd. Enjoy your time off. Happy Holidays.
about 1 month ago, Sarah Bose
Hope found the Grinch and brought him to WT Elementary today. Enjoy spending time in Whoville everyone!
about 2 months ago, Rebecca Kearns
Our Resource Coordinators prepared Winter Break Bags so students will have something to do over winter break. Thank you for your hard work!
about 2 months ago, Rebecca Kearns
getting ready
Mrs. Nester's students built amazing gingerbread creations this afternoon. This fun lesson incorporates math, art, fine motor and language.
about 2 months ago, Rebecca Kearns
gingerbread tower
As we enter the holiday season be aware of those around us. Take some time to check on on friends and family and coworkers, and students... A little goes a long way.
about 2 months ago, Chris Curtin
post traumatic stress disorder
Our Goshen Students and staff prepping for a wonderful holiday meal. Enjoy those around you and celebrate the important people during Thanksgiving (this includes celebrating you!).
2 months ago, Chris Curtin
Mr. Tudor and students prepping for a Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for all you do for Goshen!
CEC-South. Thanksgiving break begins this afternoon. Students will report back to school on Monday November 28, 2022. I hope everyone enjoys their week off.
2 months ago, Sarah Bose
CCESC School Psychologists shine bright ALL year! This week we give them a special thanks for their support and dedication to students, families and school staff.
3 months ago, Chris Curtin
indeed they shine
CEC-South. Tomorrow November 8th is Election Day. There is no school for students.
3 months ago, Sarah Bose
CEC-South. Our phones are not working, we are having school.
3 months ago, Sarah Bose
Our students at CEC South were able to pass out candy to a group of eager preschoolers! Be safe tonight and enjoy kids being kids
3 months ago, Chris Curtin
Happy Halloween from CEC S
Happy Halloween
the good stuff
CEC-South. Please remember that no costumes, make up, wigs, masks or other Halloween related material are allowed at school on Monday, October 31st.
3 months ago, Sarah Bose
October is National Down Syndrome Month. Lets take a minute to celebrate what makes "You" uniquely "You". In fact, lets take a monment every month to celebrate you!
3 months ago, Chris Curtin
Celebrate YOU
CEC-South. Students do not have school this Friday, September 30, 2022. It is an in-service day for staff.
4 months ago, Sarah Bose
Our Students and Staff at CEC North are wearing Blue for Leukodystrophy Awareness!!! For more info pls go to ninds.nih.gov
4 months ago, Chris Curtin
leukodystrophy awareness
September is Suicide awareness month www.nami.org #mentalhealthawareness #smashthestigma
5 months ago, Chris Curtin
your story isn't over
Our Resource Coordinators are helping the community every day by filling basic needs and offering assistance as they can. Here they are working with CNE Cares to prepare dinner for their food pantry.
5 months ago, Rebecca Kearns
CNE Cares food pantry
CNE Cares food pantry
Welcome New CCESC Employees and Welcome Back to Returning Staff! Have a FABULOUS 2022-2023 school year!
6 months ago, Dawn Sorrells
Welcome Back!
CEC-South Starting Thursday, May 5, 2022 if a student arrives to school after 8:00am and the door is closed you will need to park on the side of the building and walk your student to the door.
9 months ago, Sarah Bose