Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Tudor took their classes shopping for groceries and then the students cooked a Thanksgiving feast. Look at the delicious meal they prepared! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
about 2 months ago, Rebecca Kearns
Mrs. Tackett's students explore "Jack" the pumpkin as part of a year long unit about plants and seeds. They will observe, keep data, and record weekly changes to their pumpkins in special scientific journals.
3 months ago, Rebecca Kearns
Mr.Tilbury's students operate their own coffee cart to learn social skills, math, ELA, and many other academic and pre-employment skills.
3 months ago, Rebecca Kearns
Mrs. Nester's class learned about making ice cream and then integrated math, science, social skills and ELA to make their own.
4 months ago, Rebecca Kearns
ice crean
CEC-South students wrote letters to firefighters in honor of 9-11-2001.
4 months ago, Sarah Bose
The CCESC staff meets for our annual Opening Day. We're excited to see students and start the school year.
5 months ago, Rebecca Kearns
Opening Day for CCESC staff
CEC-South students worked at Brewhaus making dog biscuits.
8 months ago, Sarah Bose
May is Mental Health Awareness Month. One way to check in on yourself is to take a mental health screen at It’s a quick, free, and private way for someone to assess their mental health and recognize signs of mental health problems.
9 months ago, Rebecca Kearns
CEC-Students in the STAR program are working at the Clermont County Fair Grounds.
9 months ago, Sarah Bose
The Easter Bunny greeted the staff and students at CEC-South. We hope everyone has a great Spring Break.
10 months ago, Sarah Bose
Easter bunny
CEC-South student making DNA Double Helix.
11 months ago, Sarah Bose
part 3
part 2
DNA Double Helix
The CEC-North staff donated more than 60 toys to Child Focus. We hope this will bring joy to some children who are in need.
about 1 year ago, Tammy Ratley
2020 Toy donation from CEC-North
The students at CEC-SOUTH have been creating art work for the holidays.
about 1 year ago, Sarah Bose
The class
Mrs. Rudd’s science classes made 3D plant cells.
about 1 year ago, Sarah Bose
The students at CEC-South created fall decorations using fall foliage that they collected from outside their houses.
about 1 year ago, Sarah Bose
Mrs. Rudd’s science class was experimenting about hydrophobic and hydrophilic water molecules.
over 1 year ago, Sarah Bose
Ms. Bays class at CEC-South dissected owl pellets.
over 1 year ago, Sarah Bose
Owl pellet
Owl pellet
Owl pellet
CEC-SOUTH wants to thank Owensville Police Department for welcoming our students and staff to our new location. If you see our SRO Officer Ricky be sure to wave.
over 1 year ago, Sarah Bose
The students and staff at CEC South are adjusting to social distancing and wearing masks.
over 1 year ago, Sarah Bose
Students in the hall
Deb B
Officer Ricky
We are very excited to have students coming back into our buildings! Clermont County schools have worked hard to get kids back in their buildings safely. #2020we'vegotthis
over 1 year ago, Chris Curtin