The CCESC Main Campus, located at 2400 Clermont Center Drive, Suite 100 in Batavia, serves as the headquarters of the Clermont County Educational Service Center. Contact by phone is possible at 513.735.8300. The facility is home to multiple county agencies along with the ESC and currently houses the ESC’s superintendent, assistant superintendent, treasurer, director of technology, and supervisors.

The site also serves as a center for learning and professional development opportunities throughout Clermont and Hamilton Counties and functions as a convenient meeting location for regional meetings, trainings, and special events. The main campus of CCESC also serves as home to the Clermont County Insurance Consortium (CCIC), which provides medical, prescription, and dental benefits to eight of the county’s school districts. In addition, CCESC’s senior leadership presides over the Center for Collaborative Solutions, a council of governments operated in collaboration with Hamilton County ESC, to provide substitute teachers and classified staff to almost all school districts across Clermont and Hamilton Counties.

All districts in Clermont County are formally aligned to CCESC as their provider of specialized student programming, related services, professional development and training, personnel and supervision, and technology supports. Formerly known as the Clermont County Board of Education, CCESC exists to serve the needs of students, schools, and districts throughout Clermont County, and has done so for over 100 years. Its proximity to most other county agencies designed to meet the needs of families and children as well as its long-standing cooperative relationship with the Clermont County Commissioners position CCESC ideally to help the educational communities across Clermont County effectively serve and support over 26,000 students attending the preK-12 public schools.