Special education supervision and consultation services are available through CCESC. These services allow our team of high quality special education supervisor/consultants to provide instructional program planning and leadership to special education teachers, support staff and administrators in the education of students with disabilities.

Our special education supervisor/consultants will:

  • Provide direct oversight and management of special education programs and services
  • Assist in the development and implementation of effective teaching techniques, service delivery, classroom management skills, data collection, materials, and equipment to help each student reach IEP goals and objectives
  • Assist in the establishment and implementation of school policies and procedures relating to federal and state laws for special education
  • Provide consultation and assistance to assure continuity among evaluation data, the IEP, and daily instruction
  • Provide consultation, guidance and/or leadership during parent conferences and/or ETR/IEP meetings
  • Provide professional development to special education personnel, related service personnel, parents, tutors, assistants, administrators and general education personnel regarding the education of students with disabilities
  • Identify and recommend appropriate staff to fill special education program vacancies
  • Evaluate, in cooperation with building administrators, all low incidence teachers and staff hired by CCESC using the OTES model or other board accepted evaluation tools
  • Upon request, conduct program evaluations to identify strengths and needs of current special education programming and services
  • Complete other duties as assigned

The aforementioned special education/consultation services are available through two models.

1. Consortium Model- Each CCESC consortium program and service has an assigned special education supervisor/consultant to provide oversight and management of those programs. As a result, Districts participating in CCESC consortium programs and services can look forward to accessing and teaming with our consultants in relation to the CCESC consortium programs.

2. District Model- Any district desiring special education supervision and/or consultation services specially designed to meet the needs of their unique district, may request a CCESC special education supervisor/consultant to manage or assist in the management of their district’s special education needs. This special education supervisor/consultant will serve as a member of that district’s team and may be utilized as the district determines.

For more information, contact:

Chris Curtin, Director of Special Education

P 513-735-8300

F 513-735-8333