• Awards

    Science Updates: November 2015

    2015-16 Science Challenge Results We had over 300 students from all ten Clermont County High Schools as well as Grant Career Center participate in the event held at Solid Rock Church’s South Campus.  A huge note of appreciation goes… Read More

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    Current Professional Development Opportunities

    CCESC – School Improvement Fees for School Improvement workshops: In-County Member Districts (Batavia, Bethel-Tate, CNE, Felicity, Goshen & Williamsburg) FREE In-County Non-Member (Milford, New Richmond, West Clermont) $75 per day Out-of-County $125 per day For more information email… Read More

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    Common Core Lessons

    Great article on nprED about common core lessons – gives a nice sample in an attempt to answer the question “What does a good common core lesson look like?”  The sample lesson reflects the key shifts in ELA… Read More

Vision & Mission

It is the VISION of the Clermont County Governing Board and the Clermont County Educational Service Center to be recognized as an exemplary educational organization that delivers quality, innovative services.


It is the MISSION of the Clermont County Governing Board and the Clermont County Educational Service Center to deliver quality, innovative services that meet or exceed the needs and expectations of its customers and stakeholders.


Adopted on April 18, 2002


As educators we know that it is often difficult to keep up with the latest acronyms and jargon.  Ever wonder what people outside the field of education think?  Check out the video above as ODE hits the streets… Read More

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report card


Clermont county school districts have worked diligently to ensure the success of each student in their schools.  We are proud of the tradition of excellence supported in our county and proud of the schools and teachers whose contributions… Read More

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With so many changes happening in education in the state of Ohio, parents and community members often feel confused about what the changes mean and why they are happening.  This ODE video serves as overview to help you… Read More

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In order to bring the best services and programs to our local districts, the Clermont County ESC is fortunate to be able to work with groups and agencies who are dedicated to improving student success. Together we strive… Read More

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