Install the SonicWall NetExtender on your Windows 10 Device:

1. Download the SonicWall NetExtender (version 8.0.240) software on your Windows 10 device. ** Note you must be logged into Chrome in order to get the download.

Creating a Connection:

1. Launch the SonicWall NetExtender software from your computer.

2. Under Server: type

3. Enter your CCESC Domain Username. (Example: John Doe; DoeJ)

4. Enter your current CCESC Password.

5. Enter the Domain of "ccesc.org".

6. Then click on the Connect Button.

Connecting/Disconnecting from the VPN

Anytime that you are in a unsecured location such as a school district, airport, hotel, home network, restaurant or coffee shop. Connect to the VPN before proceeding with any work secure your connection and stay safe.

1.) This can easily be done again by Double clicking the Dell SonicWall NetExtender shortcut on your desktop and clicking the connect button. 

Why is it important to connect to the vpn?

It is important to stay safe while on the internet.  This not only accounts for your general surfing habits but also accounts for all the digital traffic on your device that travels across unsecured wireless connections.  We have implemented this to keep you safer.