CCESC issues annual Transportation Certificates for Clermont County Local and Exempted Village Schools.

Every driver must have an annual certificate (as required under RC 3327.10) to legally operate a school bus. That certificate should be issued by the school district superintendent or employer. School districts who hire contractors should make certain that each driver has a certificate.

You must present your “T-8” form and current “Abstract” report to your local School District Transportation Supervisor. Your Supervisor will then forward them to our office for review.

Your Transportation Certificate will be issued once these forms have been reviewed by our office and have met the requirements for approval.

The School Bus Certificate is designed to fit into your wallet to keep with you while driving for Clermont County Schools.

Note: This process also may include background checks. (OAC 3301-83-06(B)(10).

Call 513-735-8368 regarding Transportation Certification.