The CCESC provides professional nursing services through its team of Registered and Licensed Professional Nurses. We support student and staff healthcare needs in all of our programs through:

1) The identification of students’ specific healthcare needs and the availability of needed health services/resources.

2) Planning and implementation of identified services to meet those healthcare needs.

3) Continual assessment and evaluation of the effectiveness of services and health care plans.

4) Collaboration with educational system and health professional disciplines to enhance and promote an optimal level of wellness and safety for students, families, staff, and communities.

Our professional nursing staff functions under applicable state, federal, and agency guidelines and policies. In addition, we strive to implement continuous improvement as a result of evidence-based, best practice school nursing initiatives. School nursing education programs are offered at times throughout the year as well as educational licensure program instruction (i.e., ODE Preschool licensure, CPR, First Aid, BBP).


Ohio Nurse Practice Act

Ohio Board of Nursing

National Association of School Nurses

Ohio Association of School Nurses

Southwestern Ohio Association of School Nurses

For more information, contact:

Chris Curtin, Director of Special Education

P 513-735-8333