Welcome to the iPad app request program.  Use this page in order to request apps to be installed on your devices.  Since we serve multiple programs within Clermont County and other areas we specific and unique applications that fit the associated program or specialized area to whom the device is assigned to.

Each iPad is equipped with specific apps that are suited for each specialty or service area.  We strive at CCESC to ensure our staff and students have the best possible outcomes from provided technology interactions and therapies delivered by CCESC staff members.

In order to do so CCESC must maintain an inventory of purchased apps, users, and physical devices in order to maintain quality of service and regulatory software compliance of the iPad program.

If you find that for some reason your CCESC issued iPad does not have the app you need at your disposal.  Please fill out the associated correct form:

-iPad Request form (Free Apps)

-iPad Request form (Paid Apps)

iPad Program (FAQ)

1.)  How do I get an CCESC issued iPad?

A:  These are issued by the Technology Department through the CCESC Supervisors based upon need.

2.) Why can I not load my own apps?

A:  Our program has now grown so large in order to track & deploy software purchases the licensing and configurations now have to be tracked in a more efficient manner.

3.) Should I login to my personal iTunes account?

A:No never as this could render your device useless.  These devices are managed by the CCESC Technology Department and could likely brick your device rendering it useless during times when iOS upgrades are released (Which happens quarterly throughout the school year.

4.) When my devices says I need to do an Apple iOS update should I do it?

A: The answer is no.  CCESC will now be able to deploy these updates on a regular basis automatically and reduce the amount of time spent performing updates.

5.) Will I get trained on how to use the iPad effectively?

A: Yes.  There are four dates to choose from.  In order to initially get your iPad at the beginning of the school year you must attend one of the four offered - 1 hour training dates:

August 13th - 2:30pm -3:30pm

August 15th - 3:00pm - 4pm

August 20th - 2:30pm -3:30pm

August 22nd - 3:00pm - 4pm

You must register to attend 1 of the four dates above before you are issued your device.  Register by clicking on the link above.  Unfortunately there will be no accommodations on this day if you did not get registered. (Seats are limited to 22 individuals per session.)