The ED Itinerant Program involves licensed intervention specialists providing services to students with social, emotional, or behavioral needs. Services are provided to students within their home school setting. The need for ED Itinerant services is decided by the IEP team.

Itinerant teachers provide direct and consultative services to support students. Once a student is enrolled in the EDI Program, the teacher works collaboratively with building teams and the student to address social, emotional, or behavioral IEP goals. Examples of itinerant teacher services may include:

Direct social-emotional/behavioral skill instruction

Collaborating with staff to generalize and reinforce learned skills

Gathering data from teachers/compiling progress monitoring data

Assisting school staff with planning/implementing behavior supports

Participating in team meetings to review progress/facilitate problem solving

Time-limited behavior consultation services are also available to help teams engaged in the problem solving/intervention process for students who are not already enrolled in the EDI Program. These 30-day consultations begin with a referral from the school district and written parent permission. Depending on the reasons for referral, consultations may include:

  • Record review
  • Staff/parent/student interviews
  • Direct observations
  • Development of data collection tools
  • Assistance compiling/analyzing behavior data
  • Analyzing behavior/identifying potential interventions
  • Assisting teams with functional behavior assessments
  • Developing crisis plans

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