CEC North & CEC South Student 1:1 Chromebook Program

At the begining of the 2020 school year CCESC has implmented G-Suite for Education and a student 1:1 Chromebook Take Home program for the CEC North and CEC South facilities.  As COVID-19 has changed the learning expectation for everyone the teaching staff have been using technology in new and inventive ways to educate the students on a regular basis.  To ensure a quality educational experience can be delivered to your student Clermont County Educational Service Center has invested siginificant resources across all grades to bring the same equal access to technology to each student to promote collaborative tools, increase engagement, streamline experiences, and provide a 21-century learning experience.

To participate in either the CEC North or CEC South 1:1 Chromebook Program Students and Parents must sign and return the following two items which can be downloaded from the CCESC.ORG website. These items must be completed and returned to either the CEC North or CEC South offices and be on file with the office in order for your student to participate.

By completing below forms and submitting these forms to your students office.  Students and Parents agree to follow the CEC North & CEC South 1:1 Student Chromebook Rules, Guidelines, and Procedures.