USA TODAY: How to free up space on your phone


How to free up space on your phone

Q. My mobile device is completely starved for space and I’ve already deleted the apps I can easily live without. What’s my next move? A. I’ve lived this particular scenario with two devices in my own home, an iPad 2 and a Nexus 4 Android phone. It’s not much fun: You’re thinking you’ve got half a gigabyte of space free and shouldn’t have to worry about running out, and then Android or iOS start complaining they don’t have enough room to install updates to your apps. Getting rid of apps that you don’t use or, just as important, don’t have to use should always be your first resort. Judge them by this standard: Do they provide a valuable function unavailable at the same company’s website? If not, bookmark that page instead; it will stay current without your having to tap a couple of buttons in Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store to load each new patch.

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