USA TODAY: 10 top tech gadgets, apps for parents


10 top tech gadgets, apps for parents

We shuttle kids, juggle schedules, work harder and longer hours than ever before now that we’re tethered to our tech 24/7. And we’re supposed to do it all while providing a Pinterest-perfect home life. Ack, the pressure! The good news is that out of today’s hyper-connected world comes a few simple tech tools that help make a busy parents life a little easier. Here are 10 of my favorite go-to gadgets and apps: 1. For safety peace of mind: Life 360 With a million schedules to keep straight I worry all the time that I’m forgetting to pick someone up at the right place at the right time. Life 360 is a big help with making sure everyone in the family is where they’re supposed to be: safe, sound, and in touch. It’s a free app that you set up on your phone, then invite your family to join on their mobile devices. It provides a map that shows you where they are — in real time — and lets them see you as well. It also has a geo-fencing feature that lets you set up a perimeter on the map for a designated location, like home, school or soccer practice. You get an automatic alert every time a family member arrives or departs from that designated area on the map. For emergencies, there’s even a panic button. If someone pushes it, the app e-mails, texts and sends push notifications to everyone in the family, with a detailed map to let everyone see exact locations.

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