Welcome Physical Therapists!

Thank you for visiting my post!  I hope that this site will be visited my both therapists and families looking for new therapy ideas to use with their children.  I plan to share articles from current research as well as anecdotal reports of therapy interventions which I have found successful in the schools.

Did you know that only 3% of physical therapists are currently employed in the schools?  As a group, it is even more important that we reach out to others in the field and share our knowledge and experience.  Most therapy journals do not discuss therapy interventions in the school setting, or how different our services are compared to the medical environment.  I hope that this blog serves as a platform for discussion among our small group of professionals.  Please follow my posts and make comments to further extend the dialogue.

In my next post, I will share one of my group therapy ideas that I use in the preschool classroom.  Stay tuned for that!

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