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Special Education

The Special Education Department of the CCESC is dedicated to providing quality special education programming and services to the nine school districts in Clermont County and beyond. Our supervisory team consists of a group of highly qualified individuals who are recognized throughout our county and our region as people who know and understand the often complicated system of special education.

Our special education team consists of supervisors, most with very specific programmatic responsibilities for direct supervision and others who are assigned as consultants to districts. We have an outstanding team of special education secretaries and support staff, as well as a Director who provides global consultative services to districts.

The CCESC serves children who range in ages from preschool through age 22 by developing, implementing and supervising a full continuum of programs and services. The CCESC operates preschool classrooms in four of the nine districts in the county along with classrooms for students with multiple disabilities (K-12) housed in buildings throughout the county, classrooms for students with hearing impairments, a facility for students with behavioral disabilities, facilities for students with autism, and a program for students who are very medically fragile. The CCESC hires and supervises related service providers (speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, school psychologists, and nurses) along with numerous educational aides and attendants. These related service personnel along with our team of highly qualified teachers are placed in schools throughout the county.

It is our pleasure to serve the students of Clermont County!


For more information, contact:

Dawn M. Betts, Director of Special Education
P 513-735-8300
F 513-735-8370