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School Improvement and Curriculum

The School Improvement and Curriculum Team is a dedicated staff of highly qualified, experienced individuals. Each member of the team has a specialty area of responsibility representing years of expertise in his or her field. They are also highly skilled professional educators capable of delivering a broad range of services to districts. The unique blend of talent, skills and experience of the School Improvement and Curriculum team places the Clermont County ESC among the most respected ESCs in the state.

The team’s mission is to exceed district expectations for quality of services. These services include curriculum, assessment and instructional alignment; comprehensive continuous improvement planning processes; state mandated initiatives implementation; Value-Added support; training and technology support for OTES, OPES, and eTPES; and more.

Team Members:

Laferty, Stan — 513-735-8322 —
Stan is the Director of the School Improvement and Curriculum Department and the Social Studies Supervisor

Dunlap, Kasey — 513-735-8324 —
Kasey is the English Language Arts and Literacy Supervisor and the Resident Educator Coordinator

Schulte, Catherine — 513-735-8317 —
Catherine is the Mathematics Supervisor, a state Value-Added Leader (VAL) and a member of the Ohio Core Advocates working with Student Achievement Partners.

Rutherford, Rebecca – 513-735-8320 –
Rebecca is the assistant for the School Improvement and Curriculum Department, and she is the contact person for workshop registration, CEU’s, and survey information