Responsive Consultation

Responsive Consultation

The School Improvement Department is well qualified to work with district and building leaders to support a broad spectrum of consultative services through, but not limited to, the following

Benefits to Districts:

  • Ease of access to consultants by phone or e-mail to address your questions, requests and needs
  • Information, announcements, resources, contacts, etc. posted at
  • Collaboration with state and regional colleagues to problem solve, research, advocate and support interests and needs
  • Information sharing through Get Response (e-newsletters, webinars, announcements, and more)
  • Quick reaction to inform and support districts when changes, conditions, mandates, and other unanticipated adjustments are required of districts


For Question or Information on:

Language Arts: Kasey Dunlap, 513.735.8324,

Math & Data: Catherine Schulte, 513.735.8317,

School Improvement or Social Studies: Stan Laferty, 513.735.8322,