OTES/OPES Evaluations

OTES/OPES Evaluations

Each member of the School Improvement Team is a credentialed OTES/OPES evaluator.  In some district settings, an outside evaluation may be indicated as a safety margin.  ESC consultants are available to provide this service as an objective third party.

Benefits to Districts:

  • Third party evaluators readily available to provide the observation services needed
  • Credentialed evaluators knowledgeable of the big picture of the evaluation process, connections to student growth measures, and the Electronic Teacher/Principal Evaluation System(eTPES)
  • Consultation and support to district OTES/OPES evaluators

For Questions or Information Contact:

Stan Laferty, 513.735.8322, laferty_s@ccesc.org or Catherine Schulte, 513.735.8317, schulte_c@ccesc.org