Sarah Bose
Room 302 at CEC South has started a new incentive program called "Feel Good Friday". Teachers recognize each and every student that has accomplished something positive and these students are rewarded with little tokens or rewards on Friday. Everyone is " Feeling Good About This!"
8 days ago, Sarah Bose
#LT8Keys Pedagogy Transformation for Generation Z! Not just your average Netflix watcher but your digital genius! Don't block the success & innovation of your digital genius!
10 days ago, CCESC
Chris Curtin
All of our CCESC programs have been in session for at least 2 weeks now. We are excited to have the students back in class! Enjoy the weekend and remember its a great day to help kids.
11 days ago, Chris Curtin
Abby Hanlon
Preschool indoor recess on a rainy Friday! Getting some gross motor movement in while working on following directions and coordination.
21 days ago, Abby Hanlon
#NationalInternDay - Welcome all CCESC Interns to Opening Day!
about 1 month ago, CCESC
Jeff Weir
CCESC Governing Board members Leo Bradley, Donald Collins, Jimmi McIntosh, Jim Napier, and Mariann Strosnider offer best wishes to staff for super opening days and another successful school year.
about 1 month ago, Jeff Weir
Jeff Weir
Sharon Averwater's last day- congrats & best wishes to Dr. Averwater and many thanks for dedicated service to CCESC and Clermont's kids.
about 1 month ago, Jeff Weir
Jeff Weir
CCESC celebrates a creative curriculum partnership with Hamilton County ESC for 2017-18. Great things ahead for staff and students!
2 months ago, Jeff Weir
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5 months ago, CCESC