January 7, 2015 Curriculum Roundtable

January 7, 2015 Curriculum Roundtable

Clermont County ESC Curriculum Roundtable Agenda

January 7, 2015

Purpose of Meeting:

The Curriculum Roundtable for January 2015 is focused on professional development best practices, planning and support.

Outcomes of Meeting:

As a result of this meeting, participants will have engaged in discussions related to past, present and future PD identified for their districts. They will

also examine research regarding components of PD that help district get the best out of their investment to improve student learning. Additionally, participants will review the

latest updates and issues related to HB 367.

I. Welcome and Introductions

II. Guest Presenter

Dr. Andrea Bowen-Jones, Founder and Director of P&Gs Resident Scholars Program

The purpose of the Resident Scholar Program (RSP) is to expose female and minority high school students (sophomores and juniors) to careers leveraging science or engineering degrees.  The program offers opportunities for career mentoring and caching by professionals and fosters the spirit of community support by offering a program to benefit youth, while initiating interest in P&G early in their career.

Here is a link to a YouTube that has interviews of participants and a program overview.
Here is a link to the program’s LinkedIn Page that provides instructions on how to apply.
For an application form, click here: 4057_001

III. HB 367

Provisions and Clarifications

IV. Professional Development

 Past, Present & Future

 Categorizing PD

 Measuring Impact

Professional Development Handout (1)

 Other Updates

V. Parting Comments

VI. Next Roundtable: February 4

Happy New Year to All!