Social Studies Resources


The Columbus City Schools website has an abundance of resources available for all curricula. The Curriculum Guides link houses pacing guides, unit plans, model lessons, humanities resources and much, much more for the Ohio State Standards for the core content areas.  In addition there is a wealth of curriculum supports for business and career/tech education, health, world languages, STEM programs, computer awareness and more.

The social studies page on the Columbus City Schools website provides links to the following tools and materials to support social studies:  (other links not cited are also available)

Rewordify is a tool (not on the Columbus City Schools website) that provides support for struggling readers.  It simplifies English, teaches vocabulary, creates learning materials, and lets teachers create documents to support learning.  Many examples of classic literature and public documents are already available on the site, but teacher can find text from other sites to insert into the Rewordify library.   By choosing a work of literature or a document by either  title or author, the teacher can change the READ score from a range between “easiest” to “hardest.” With just a click of the “Rewordify Text”  button, the text is changed to the selected READ score.

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