Free Reading Fluency Intervention: Helping Early Literacy with Practice Strategies (HELPS)

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Increasing reading fluency skills is important, as students who read fluently are more likely to comprehend what they read. The Helps Education Fund has a free, downloadable, research-based intervention to target reading fluency skills in elementary aged students. The Helping Early Literacy with Practice Strategies (HELPS) Program includes adult modeling of fluent reading, repeated readings of passages with error correction procedures, and story retells to increase comprehension. The intervention program also includes a reward component and data tracking templates. It is designed to be used in 10-12 minutes sessions 3 times a week. School psychologists, teachers, paraprofessionals, and even volunteers can be trained to implement this program with students struggling with reading fluency. Training materials, including instructional videos, are available free of charge on their website.

We currently use this program for second grade students struggling with reading fluency. Students have shown growth on the HELPS progress monitoring assessments as well as on Aimsweb curriculum based measures.  The Helps Education Fund is currently working on adapting the intervention to work within a small group, which we will be sure to check out once it is available!

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