CCESC Technology Closing Procedures for Staff 2016-17

CCESC Technology Closing Procedures for Staff 2016-17

Please use this page as a resource for completing the 2016-17 End of Year Technology Procedures as a CCESC Employee.  There are many reasons that we are doing this in the fashion that we have chosen this year.

  • Verifies Electronic Assets are where they are suppose to be located in units administered by CCESC.
  • It saves you as a staff member both time and frustration trying to schedule appointments via phone calls or remote sessions.
  • It maintains consistent  requirements with hardware and software and ensures that your goals and requirements are being met for your usage and compatibility purposes.

** CEC North and South Staff do not have to install anything on their Windows devices before checkout as this will happen automatically during the reboot of their computer systems.  All Teachers should be rebooting/shutting down their computer systems on a nightly basis (This allows computer systems to receive and install Operating System Updates and or get new settings from servers to keep you operational as required).

Complete steps 1-4 below for each device

Step #1 – All Devices assigned to staff members

-For this year you may continue to use your device over the summer. Determine if you have a PC/Windows Computer or iPad or Chromebook? (There are separate instructions for each below.)  Please complete these steps for each device you are assigned that is owned by the ESC.  Each device owned by Clermont County Educational Service Center will have a asset tag on it that looks like the following.


Asset tags for Laptops, Chromebooks can generally be found on the bottom of the unit.  Tags for desktop workstations or computers are generally found on the tower or CPU.  iPad tags are usually found on the upper right corner of the case.  In all situations this is a four digit number.

Step #2 – Chromebooks 1:1  Program @ CEC South – Aides doing this together as  a Team

(Completion time 35 minutes)

  • Ensure that Chromebook cords are plugged into Chromebooks and organized in the cart properly
  • Ensure that Chromebooks are not physically damaged in anyway and properly reporting issues back to building principal.
  • Organize and tie up any loose power cables in cart
  • Close the cart and lockup the cart with padlock counting units to ensure all units are present
  • Unplug cart for Summer
  • Report completion to Building Principal and inspect.

Step #2 – PC /Windows Computer assigned to staff members – Teacher Devices

(Completion time 35 minutes)

  • Open Google Chrome and visit on your CCESC owned computer system.
  • Upon Resignation of any kind this device needs to be turned into your Supervisor with both the power adapter and laptop bag.
  • Place a check mark beside the following items in the list:

Web Browser

  • Chrome
  • Firefox


  • 7-zip


  • iTunes
  • Audacity


  • Java 8
  • .Net 4.7
  • Silverlight,
  • Air
  • Shockwave

Online Storage

  • Google Drive


  • Then click on the Blue “Get Your Ninite” button.
  • Last click on the Run button and restart or shutdown the device when necessary.


Step #2 – iPad (Completion time 35 minutes)

Upon Resignation of any kind this device needs to be turned into your Supervisor with both the power adapter, sync cable & case.

Before leaving for the school year please update your device to the latest version of the iOS (10.3.1 or higher) by doing the following:

A.) Plug your iPad into Power

B.) Tap Settings >> Then tap >>General >>Software Update

C.) Then tap download and install update.

** At this point you could be prompted to enter your Passcode and please do so.  (This is your 4 digit number you use to wake your iPad from low power mode).  At different times you will see your iPad reboot and restart.

** If you get prompted to use Two-Factor authentication at anytime during the upgrade process please select “Don’t Use Two-Factor Authentication” option at the bottom of the screen.

D.) After your iPad has rebooted several time you may need to insert your iTunes CCESC username and password.  If you have forgotten your username it is the following format: (The blue X’s represent your asset tag number on the device.)and the password is the same password you use to purchase free apps on the device through the App Store.

E.) Once you have completed the iOS update.  Please tap on the Meraki App on your device.  Then tap the Apps button at the bottom of your screen. Here your will find a list of published applications that have been delivered to your device through the network.  If you have apps that do not have check marks beside them.  Tap the app to install it when prompted for your iTunes account information please enter it again.

F.) Last exit the Meraki app once all apps have been installed.

** Please note that you may get prompted to allow the Meraki application to enable location services, or management of the device.  Please select the allow option if you get prompted.

G.) Last Tap Settings, scroll down to iTunes & App Store option tapping it. Then move the slider option to the “On” position for the Apps & Updates options.

H.) Exit all open apps.


Step #4 – End of Year Form

Please fill out the Special Education End of Year form for 2016-17 to ensure you have completed the Special Education checkout process.

If you have any questions, concerns, or need help please call myself at 513-735-8321 or call Rebecca Rutherford at 513-735-8320 between normal office hours of 8a-4p.