Social Studies “Connecting the Curricular Documents”

Below are links to K-12 Social Studies Curriculum-at-a-Glance and K-12 Expectations-at-a-Glance documents.

The K-8 Curriculum-at-a-Glance documents provide a one-page view of the content statements for each of those grade levels.  The K-8 Expectations-at-a-Glance documents provide a corresponding one-page view of the Expectations for Learning from the Model Curriculum for each content statement.

The high school Curriculum-at-a-Glance and the corresponding Expectations-at-a-Glance identify the content statements and the expectations for learning for the following courses:  American History, American Government and Modern World History.

The documents for grades 4 and 6 social studies and for American History and American Government highlight content statements and expectations that are eligible for Performance Based Assessments (PBAs) as noted in the social studies test specifications on the ODE Website.

An Analysis of Content for Assessment Directions and an Analysis of Content for Assessment Template are provided to facilitate connecting the social studies content statements (WHAT to teach) to the Test Specifications (HOW to assess) and the Model Curriculum (HOW to teach).

Kindergarten Social Studies

Kindergarten SS Expectations for Learning

1st Grade Social Studies

1st Grade SS Expectations for Learning

2nd Grade Social Studies

2nd Grade SS Expectations for Learning

3rd Grade Social Studies

3rd Grade SS Expectations for Learning

4th Grade Social Studies

4th Grade SS Expectations for Learning

5th Grade Social Studies

5th Grade SS Expectations for Learning

6th Grade Social Studies

6th Grade SS Expectations for Learning

7th Grade Social Studies

7th Grade SS Expectations for Learning

8th Grade Social Studies

8th Grade SS Expectations for Learning

American History at a Glance

American History Expectations for Learning

American Government at a Glance

American Government Expectations for Learning

Modern World History at a Glance

Modern World History Expectations for Learning at a Glance

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